I Can Lift a Car by Walk the Moon

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Really digging these guys lately. I was looking for the album version of this song but found this instead. For some unknown reason it is very moving. It will make your day.

Slugworth 11 Jun 2013

watch officially unofficial, hand-made, band-made music video on http://youtu.be/Q03YOKrLTPo #walkthemoonband   1

jullicanif 17 Jun 2012

Can you?

dupweeeee 22 Feb 2012

I get too excited when this comes on my playlist.

ctmurfy 18 Jul 2014

Words, story, unusual backup timing, overall atmosphere - I always stop to listen closely when this comes round on my playlists.

sjemery 9 Feb 2015

well, i met someone who wears your glasses.

bloodstone 4 Feb 2014