Elephant by Tame Impala


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but stiofandafyyd was first  

Dreaming about being loved by him...

Jorghex 25 May 2015

(live from kcrw) i think this is such a cool version of the song   8

MAGlCK 21 Oct 2013

It's hard to pick one song off this record, but this is the song that got me to buy it in the first place.   8

radiomaru 30 Nov 2012

Beatles? Pink Floyd? Black Keys? Kasabian? No, it's the remarkable, refreshing sound ┬áTame Impala. Enjoy!   38

dutchzaphod 11 Nov 2012

Lead single off their new album...

stiofandafyyd 26 Jul 2012

I'm listening to a lot of this band right now. Hard to pick just one "jam"

AngryMan1031 8 Jun 2015