Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie

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ellierose101 6 Aug 2015

Just heard an interview with Jonathan Taylor where he talked about how Bowie and Mercury improvised individually then combined the vocals later. Two true geniuses at work.   4

gingrich1 21 Nov 2013

Heard this at a bar last night and can't get rid of it. Thankfully, it's one hell of a song...   2

Gummi 21 Jul 2013

Q is for QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE ....I've always loved this song, but I've just this moment watched this video.......Marvellous...... #ABCsofme   19

philipnareike 16 Dec 2014

MILLIONS LOVE THIS GREAT OLD GOLD----CLASSIC----feel the verve--------------------and magic   3

nangeanarendra 9 Aug 2015

My theme song at the moment.   3

Enish 12 Sep 2012