Say It Ain't So Joe by Murray Head

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I like it! Do you?   2

goldeneudemon 19 Apr 2013

Great song and singer .....

mikedavenport57 12 Jul 2015

Almost 50. Jam n°11: 1975. Though quite popular in France in the 70s and 80s, Murray Head never really broke through. The album 'Say it ain't so' remains a hidden gem. Roger Daltrey had a hit with a cover of this a couple of years later.   3

aldusd 23 Feb 2014

Noooooo!!!!!   3

DavidShepherd 9 Aug 2015

Scott Miller introduced me to this song many years ago, so I'll jam it, too appropriately, in his memory now.   2

Discographies 19 Apr 2013

Cottage listening - Murray Head's "Say it Ain't So" album brings back memories.

snit 28 Aug 2013