Don't You Know by Jan Hammer Group

“robots brought me this”

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robots brought me this

npseaver 2 Mar 2015


desbotado 24 Apr 2015

Given I'm not allowed to jam anything from The Internet: have some mellow Jan Hammer, via my Spotify Discover playlist.   2

infovore 11 Aug 2015

I knew this song from the album by "The Beauty Room" - didn't know it was a cover until I heard this original recently.   1

Astromonkey 8 Jun 2015

What a strange melody.

wraybowling 12 May 2015

Heard this on 6Music on Sunday morning.It's one of those tunes you know without actually knowing who it's by.It has certainly stood the test of time considering it was released in 1977.

devious31 16 Feb 2015