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but meatbun was first  

Been in my head for a while....6 minutes....

PeteRogers 8 Apr 2013

Slick Rick rappin' over Doug E Fresh's beatbox is known for the use of narrative in his raps and has been called "hip hop's greatest storyteller. This from 1985. #hiphopclassics #hopeyoulikeit   5

jovisgoesnuts 31 Jul 2015

Within 22 hours, I'll turn 41, which is really just the celebration of 41 years of being around. Starting my 42nd year of life (with the universe, and everything) calls for some classic beats!! :-D

lindasbecker 29 Aug 2014

I'm on a mondo old skool hip hop tip right now... Love this tune still!!!

osbywonkanutta 28 Jun 2013

OK @mloup wanted to get the #oldschooljams party started early...It was tough, so many jams..I'm leading off with The Show by Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick @GregorsGrooves I now pass the torch to you...This week is dedicated to the music of Hip Hop Heads from the very beginning to the mid 90's Let's see what you got!   7

SheRa 24 Aug 2014