As The World Falls Down by David Bowie

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Just leaving this here on #FinalJamDay.   1

kh3 25 Sep 2015

We've recently gone through a stint where the youngest was obsessed with Toy Story, and "You've Got a Friend in Me". But I couldn't do that to you, not after just sharing an incarnation of Let it Go. I've managed to get her to switch allegiance to Labyrinth instead, and with that came her obsession with Bowie's "Magic Dance", but once again, I could not do that to you- Instead here's a Bowie tune from the same film that I think holds up much better taken from it's original context. Luckily the wee bairn likes any and all songs from the film, so she'll settle for this one quite often...   3

TheRube 30 Jul 2015

Having accidentally attended a screening of Labyrinth last night, today's challenge was to jam something that both (a) isn't Magic Dance (too easy) and (b) isn't blocked by WMG (boo hiss). Sorry that the actual song starts about 3 minutes in!   10

thesunneversets 6 Mar 2015

There's such a sad love deep in your eyes.

bbionic 3 Jul 2015

Really I'm thinking of the little worm, asking her inside for a cup of tea, but this will certainly do.   1

wolodymyr 8 Sep 2014