Prom Night by Anamanaguchi

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Teangeolai 4 Aug 2013

This is my god damn JAM right now! #Anamanaguchi #Promnight

gowdyjames 4 Nov 2014

I've been waiting for this song for so fucking long. The person I was when I first heard it is so catastrophically different. How this song has changed too means a lot to me in that way. I'm happy where things are now, even though I miss where they were. Ugh. <3

JamiCarignan 14 May 2013

Hello summertime

sbosma 20 May 2013

hey, here's a song that haunted me like a fuckin FUN-SPECTRE every day since i first heard it. like it actually won't leave my head for even a second. wow   1

Babylonian 14 May 2013

Coming on like a chiptune Daft Punk with heaps of extra cheese, this is in danger of becoming a new summer favourite.

crawtonleek 29 May 2013